Monday, May 26, 2014

It's Time :)

Its time for me to climb the holy mountain,
Time for me to lay down my cross and climb,
No more valleys, No more stops
Just climb, climb and climb.

My saviour is waiting for me on this mountain Top,
Waiting for me come and touch his lovely face,
Time for me to get up and run, no more lazing around.

Standing at the foot-hill looking at the Glorious mountain.
Oh! what treasures they hold. Gems and Gold,
And when I Reach the top what Glory and splendour awaits,
No eye has seen, No ears have heard what the Lord has prepared for me, His beloved,
My heart yearns, my body shivers just thinking about my lovers Arms.

Oh glorious mountain, here I come, running to you,
No more stops no more waiting,
It's all about you Jesus, my heart and soul, my every breath, Behold,
My love endures and I will not stop till I touch your face and wrap myself in your HOLINESS.

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