Saturday, May 9, 2009

My First.

This was one of my first pictures which i had taken with my SE W810i handset which came out really well.. and this is the original picture with no touch-ups... 

I feel really proud when i look at this picture and know that they were my hands that took it.

See how beautiful God has made this world. There is so much beauty in this world which man has yet to see. 

Oh how I wish Man would stop looking at the small things in life and start looking at God and what He has done.

The world and everything in it.. plus the sun, moon, stars were all created for US. I mean imagine HOW much God loved us, to create a perfect world and put us in it.

Think about the beautiful flowers, the flowing rivers, the beautiful sunsets you see everyday, the oceans wow..

I love the smell of the first rain, the first drops which fall on my face..

If everything He has created is soooo beautiful, how much more beautiful is He.

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