Friday, May 8, 2009


yes that was meeee!!!! 3 years back :( :( .. wow i wish could turn back time ..

i really need to loose some weight .. but but but..

its not at all about how you look..

people never fall in love only on the basis of looks anyways..

but it all about who you really are inside ..

are you an honest God fearing, loving sweet person ...

or filled with malice and hatred ???

that makes all the difference .. not that it will enhance someone else's life but you feel good about yourself..
you hate urself less if you make lesser mistakes ..
mayb i looked better few years back .. but i am a better person now..
God has taught me a lot of things about Himself and about the most important things in my life..
hence i am at peace .. n would love everyone to be in that state of joy and peace and contentment..
Life is Good.. but Life with Jesus is AWESOME!!!!!

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