Saturday, May 9, 2009

Don't be Blinded !!!

How many times our vision is blinded by our situations. Many times we call our situations as problems. and our so called problem is SO big that we cannot see and are blinded. we are not able to see ahead. We panic, are furious,troubled and everything seems wrong.

So what do we do ??? Are we going to lie down and take things as they come???

Remember God has created us to RULE not to be ruled. YOU are like a king who has to conquer your situation.We dont have to take everything life throws at us. There is always an altenative. Remember things will not be the same forever. they always change as it has been in the past. think of all those times where everything became normal.
Convince yourself.. " I am a Winner. I am not going to let things affect me".

You Lost a JOB, you will get a new one, your Girl has left you, Good, God has BETTER plans for you, your Boyfriend doesn't love you anymore, its time you said goodbye.

It's all a matter of time. There is nothing in the world that you have to be afraid of. When you are afraid, you cannot think straight, which makes you take wrong decisions.

Life is NOT about how many medals you have achieved, not about how much money you have left! Life is a journey. Every situation teaches you many things and makes you stronger.

So NEVER give up. Keep Learning.

Know this, God loves YOU and if are ready to trust and believe in HIM, He will be faithful and rescue you out of your situation.

Maybe your situation is big but GOD is BIGGER. He is REAL. He is ALIVE.

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